Drying ovens.

Drying ovens are employed both for mechanic and plastic sector and special material.

They are used for a quick and uniform drying of paints and resins of electric motors and transformers but they can also be used to dry plastic sheets, bars, pieces or special materials.

Heat could be obtained from gas burnes (natural gas, propane or diesel fed) or trhough electric resistances.
Air cicrculatin system is composed by circulation fans that ensure maximum efficiency and low energy consumption and could grant homogeneity in the treatment.


Temperature ranges from 120°C and 180°C and is adjustable according to the material thanks to a thermoregulator.
All the cycle is automatic and controlled by the electric control panel.

Each oven is designed and studied following the Customer needs and could be equipped with different accessories such as trolleys, baskets, oven racks, tanks, etc…which will be designed each time.
We could produce even special versions of this kind of ovens able to satisfy every Customer.

Gas Ovens.

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Electric Ovens.

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Special versions.

We could supply also special versions of our ovens able to follow every single need of our Customers.