From 1962 we design and product industrial ovens for all kind of materials.

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We realize standard and special products able to satisfy every customer needs.

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We give services to the customers in order to improve our relationship.

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Contact us to have more information or customized offers.

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From 1962, Tabo designs and products industrial ovens for different kinds of materials.

Thanks to the creativity of its founder and stimulated from its Customer needs, Tabo widened his range of products in different sectors; mainly in mechanic, electromechanic, plastic sector and in accessories for ovens.

Tabo considers as a priority the constant relationship with its Customers, the improvement of its products, the search and development of new ideas always complying with safety and environmental Normatives. Tabo developes, with its search and development unit, new customized products following the needs of its Customers.

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We design and product industrial ovens for different uses and different materials. In the boxes it is possible to find our complete range of products. We could supply also special versions following Customer needs.

  • Accessories and impregnation tanks

    zoom view project

    Accessories and impregnation tanks

  • Stabilization and thermoforming ovens

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    Stabilization and thermoforming ovens

  • Gas destroying ovens

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    Gas destroying ovens


Our company can provide also different services in order to improve the relationship with the Customer and satisfy each need of production.

  • Tests on material.

  • Particular treatment directly carried out at our company.

  • Fumes analysis.

  • Plant keys in hand.