Stabilization and thermoforming ovens.

Stabilization and thermoforming ovens are employed in treatment of plastic or metals parts.
Heat could be obtained from gas burner (propane, natural gas or diesel fed) or through electric resistances.

Temperature in the oven could range from 200°C and 250°C according the type and the quantity of the material.
The cycle is structured in different phases:

  • Humidity extraction
  • Increasing of the temperature till the fixed one
  • Time of treatment
  • Final cooling

Air circulation system inside the treatment chamber is obtained from one or more circulation fans which ensure maximum efficiency and low energy consumption.
The cycle is automatic and controlled by the electric control panel.

All ovens are suppplied fully assembled and tested and are produced in compliance with European regulation in force.

Standard ovens.

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Special versions.

We could supply also special versions of our ovens able to follow every single need of our Customers.